A close-knit team with a future vision

Our management team is comprised of highly experienced professionals from the textile industry. This enables us to bring extensive expertise in the design, development, and manufacturing of textile components for vehicle interiors.

DICON Interiores We are born with a clear idea of providing quality service and innovation in other transportation sectors that have gained relevance due to the current situation, both in professional and private settings,where the interior of the vehicle will stand out for its technology, comfort, and exclusivity as a concept of an autonomous vehicle.

In the transportation sectors, there has been a trend for several years now that focuses on giving prominence to the interior of the vehicle over other aspects such as the characteristics of the engine. Partly due to the upcoming shift towards electric/autonomous vehicles and accelerated by the current COVID situation.

Dicon Interiores brings all the experience acquired in sectors characterized by their demand, competitiveness, and continuous improvement to other growing sectors of transportation such as motorhomes, railways, buses, aviation, and marine.

Our industrial process relies on the most advanced technology and involves constant investment to enhance the processes, both in terms of machinery and the training of our team.