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Who we are, DICON


To provide an exclusive service of optimal quality and comfort

  • Dicon Interiores is a newly established company founded in 2021, with headquarters in Castellón.
    The company’s activity is based on the production of interior textile component coverings for transportation vehicles.
  • The company is born with a clear idea of providing a service of quality and innovation in other transportation sectors that are gaining relevance due to the current situation, both in professional and private settings, where the interior of the vehicle will stand out for its technology, comfort, and exclusivity as a concept of an autonomous vehicle.



At Dicon Interiores, we aim to diversify our business by consolidating new sectors in which we have a smaller presence. We would also like to expand into new sectors where we can add value.

We have the possibility to develop new products such as carpets and upholstery for plastic parts.

With all this, we aim to become an international benchmark in the industry.

We produce all types of interior textile coverings for transportation


Our creations convey a sense of warmth, comfort, and exclusivity, thanks to the use of high-quality materials and cutting-edge styles. They add value to the interior of transportation vehicles and enhance the travel experiences.


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